A Letter to the Governor

A letter to the Governor of Imo State

July, 15, 2015

Imo State Governor

Dear Owelle, Rochas Okorocha

This letter is to acquaint you and the State with the aspirations of a new organization, Legend Afro-American Partners, LAAP, and to ask for your support, guidance and assistance.

LAAP, incorporated in the USA, is founded on the recognition that our elders at home are still valued members of society, who deserve more than the manner in which they currently receive care.

  • The plight of our elders is a burden of conscience worthy of lifting.

Adequately caring for our elders ensures that we inherit their wisdom and that they live out their lives in dignity. LAAP will begin this journey with small but significant steps: providing companionship, helping with vital daily needs, home chores, and errands.

Our vision is to build the first elder residential care home in Imo State, Nigeria; a center where elders would receive adequate care and where their wisdom would be preserved for posterity.

We at LAAP would therefore request that the state allocate three to five acres of land for this purpose. Funding to build the center will come from home and abroad.



Anselm Anyoha, MD

President, LAAP


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