Legend Afro-American partners, LAAP, is a new nonprofit organization founded on the recognition that many older people in Nigeria do not receive adequate care.

Their plight is, therefore, a burden of conscience worthy of lifting.

LAAP insists that elders everywhere should be allowed to live out their lives with dignity.

To help Nigerian elders, LAAP will begin with small but significant steps: providing companionship, assisting with vital daily needs, home chores, and errands.

Our vision is to build in Imo State, Nigeria, the first elder Residential care center in the country. A center where elders would receive the care they deserve, and their wisdom would be preserved for posterity.

Since your organization is adept at caring for elders, we would be grateful for your support, guidance and cooperation. We would also welcome members of your organization onto LAAP’s Board of Directors.


Anselm Anyoha MD, President