Helping Hands companion with clientTwo staff members are sent for each visit.

Beneficiary Family are notified in advance.

Staff will bring along clean items such as powdered milk, water, banana, and bread

Do list includes but not limited to:

  • Check for safety concerns
  • Remove safety hazards away from the elders
  • Sweep bedrooms and living area
  • Wash and hang clothes
  • Prepare meals and serve
  • Providing companionship and giving an ear to what the elders have to say
  • Run short errands

A typical visit lasts between 4- 6 hours

Zero tolerance for disrespect of elders and their family

No gifts shall be accepted by staff
Staff is expressly prohibited from discussing the finances of any of our Elders clients.

Upon completion of visit, staff members fill out a checklist of all tasks completed. Staff will also write a report detailing any issues or concerns which need to be shared with the family.

Post visit report filled by staff and will be reviewed by a manager.

Visits are free. All staff are paid by our organization.