Elderly_LadyMany elders in rural Nigeria want to live independently, but like older populations everywhere they face challenges. Elders Helping Hands was formed to alleviate these challenges. Some of these challenges are:


  • Due to limited transportation or health issues, many elders can’t get out to bring back groceries or other needed provisions.
  • Many elders may not have a telephone so reaching family, friends or neighbors can be difficult.

Personal care

  • Many elders experience health issues which can include joint problems, heart and other organ disease, depression and dementia.
  • These issues can affect elders’ ability to feed and dress themselves, walking or getting to the bathroom.

The effects of isolation

  • Elders who live alone in remote, rural areas can experience:
    • Loneliness and depression
    • Marginalization from family and the community
    • Lack of support in the event of an accident such as a fall
    • Vulnerability to crime and predatory individuals

Visits by “Helping Hands” companions two to three times a week can provide elders with the means to live in their homes with more comfort and dignity.

Furthermore, the Helping Hands companions file a report after each visit. Upon review of the report, a case manager in the Elders Helping Hands office can share areas of concern with the elder’s family or community leaders to get additional, needed assistance to the elder.

You can help us achieve this mission

Elders Helping Hands does not charge for our services. We fund our services through the generous gifts of our donors. Please visit our donations page and help an elder live their lives in dignity.