Our Immediate Goals Include hiring “Helping Hands” companions who will”
Elders Helping Hands Companions

  • Visit elders in the community and provide companionship and support
  • Assist with routine needs and chores
    • Light cleaning
    • cooking meals
    • Running errands
  • Personal assistance
    • Take walks with the elder
    • Help with personal care such as eating or bathroom visits
    • Listening and companionship
  • Safety and security
    • Review any safety concerns in the elder’s home and environment
    • Observe any changes in physical and mental health
    • Document any criminal or predatory activity experienced by the elder

We also plan to organize a weekly social meeting and advocacy service

Our long-term goals

  • Build the first elders’ recreation center in the country in Imo State, Nigeria
  • Build partnerships with institutions in the United States who share similar goals.
  • Set up services which when fully operational would benefit generations to come.

Putting the plan into motion

  • Find and employ qualified Helping Hands companions to assist the elders in the community
  • Launch the pilot program in Umuezeaga, an autonomous community in the town of Akokwa. Once operational, this program will become the model for other Elders Helping Hands chapters throughout Nigeria.

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