Elders Helping Hands is a project of Legend Afro-American Partners, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Bridgeport, CT

Elders Helping Hands serves the purpose of helping elders in Nigeria who lack access to a social network or community who would otherwise assist them with their basic day-to-day needs. These needs can include help with house cleaning, cooking, delivery of groceries, rides to doctor’s appointments and in many cases relief from the loneliness that comes from living an isolated life.

Elders Helping Hands currently operates in Imo State, Nigeria.

Our directors

Anselm AnyohaAnselm

I am a native of Akokwa, in Imo state of Eastern Nigeria. Saint Michael in Onitsha is where I did my elementary school.  My secondary school education was at Saint Josephs in Awka Etiti.

University of Ibadan and thereafter the University college hospital, UCH were where I went to Medical school.

My residency training in pediatrics was at Brookdale hospital medical center, in Brooklyn, New York.

Currently and for the past twenty years I have practiced General pediatrics in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

To date, I have authored three books and written more than sixty short essays. My books are at Amazon and my essays at ezinearticles.com.

Dr Sandra Ike Anyoha, is my wife. Together we have three children.

A passionate and compassionate Educator, who cares deeply about justice, equality and respect for all. She is an advocate for peace, love and dignity for all people.

image1 (1)Mark
An honest and dedicated Gentleman, who loves the Elders.